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In the spirit of craftsman,Plastic enterprises”,A solid every last detail;“Focus、Specific information system services”

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 Our company is a provincial private technology enterprises,With the software copyright6Items,Respectively:Coal transport logistics software copyright、Coal transport scheduling software copyright、Coal transportationERPThe software copyright、Station to station system software copyright、Sampling system software copyright。Have a professional construction qualification of two, respectively:“Security technology to prevent from the unit in Shanxi Province three level”、“Electronic and intelligent specialized contracting grade b”Qualifications。We have been dedicated to do the iot application technology and market stability,We believe that only concentration,Will keep improving! 

Yangquan chang tai zhisheng technology co., LTD. Was established2014Years12Month,The company mainly to iot software system development,Computer application system integration and intelligent building information construction development direction for the company。The company office address is located in yangquan city, Shanxi Province economic development zone high-tech venture park,Yangquan city high-tech venture park in2010Completed and put into use in construction,Is the collection of scientific research、Pilot、Demonstration、Incubation for the integration of science and technology innovation、Talent innovation service center。Yangquan city is a“Countries Home The level of science and technology business incubators”

  • Energy monitoring and control projects
  • Shanxi coal transportationERP-V1The production management system
  • Yangquan jindi mingshi luxurious car management system
  • Automatic weighing、Photos of automatic sampling system software
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